Electric Bike Reviews

Gocycle G2 Review

The Gocycle is a foldable ebike produced from magnesium instead of the more commonly used aluminum. Using this material brings about a lighter weight, while at the same time producing a solid frame. The bike’s motor can be loud and, although the batteries are strong and light-weight, they aren’t removable, which makes battery charging more difficult. The bike’s controls, including the throttle, can be somewhat confusing to operate. However, this e-bike’s chain and sprockets do have sound protection.

The Gocycle is an expensive e-bike. Optional accessories of course end up driving the price higher. This electric bike can be somewhat difficult to locate in the United States (that was true at the time this review was written, in any case). These drawbacks make it difficult to be very enthusiastic about this product, to be quite honest.

Wave eBike Review

The Wave electric bike is what’s referred to as a beach cruiser, and is sold in a variety of different color choices. Showcasing a powerful battery as well as a striking over-all range between battery charges, this eBike is a single-speed model design. The Wave is an appealing, attractive looking machine that ships to the customer for the most part put together and is simple and straightforward to finish up assembling. During recharging you won’t have to fully charge up the battery, which is a nice touch. The bike’s seat springs and overall suspension make for comfortable traveling, and the Wave’s beefy all-terrain tires handle any road conditions it encounters.

Wave Electric Bike

The Wave’s top speed could actually be higher than its rated 28 miles per hour, but due to legal reasons its regulated to this speed for legal reasons. It’s a little aggravating to know that as delivered the bike actually has the capability to go faster, and that it would be possible to remove the artificial speed restriction on its powerful motor, but due to top speed regulations that’s not recommended or encouraged. Ignoring that legal requirement, though, and focusing on the features of the bike results in a very positive review, as we really love the Wave. In fact, it ranks right up there with the top electric bikes we rode and reviewed. Being among the most affordable of reviewed bikes means in addition to the Wave being an all-round nice ride, it’s also an excellent value.

Xtracycle EdgeRunner 10E Review

Xtracycle is a company that is known for cargo bikes, so this is what you should expect, and is what you get when you buy a 10E eBike. The frame, which has two sizes offered, is appropriately stiff and is rated for a hefty 350 pounds, meaning it’s good for even the largest of riders. In general, the bike has nice, comfortable road feel. The EdgeRunner 10E has a number of optional accessories to choose as add-ons. Both the bike’s battery pack and display are removable, which are handy features.

As far as drawbacks go, this electric bike seems, for lack of a better word, just a bit boring, and there isn’t an easy way to attach a water bottle. Compared to other similar cargo bike models this bike is simply priced too high, which definitely dampens our enthusiasm for this eBike.